Lush Plush Music

Lush Plush Music is the name of the company under which Lucia is published as a songwriter, lyricist, lyric translator, and works in the capacity of voice teacher, coach, and as a musical performer. Please contact her directly if you are interested in working with Lucia in any of these capacities.

Lucia has had the great pleasure to have collaborated with Joan Griffith on several songs, such as Nina, Home, and My Sweet, My Dear One, which can be heard on their CD Enter You, Enter Love. She writes lyrics in both Portuguese and English. Lucia and Joan continue to create and perform new songs, in preparation for their second CD. She has also written lyrics to the stunning, slow jazz waltz by Thelonius Monk, Ugly Beauty. In addition, Lucia has composed and written lyrics for several children’s songs, which she hopes to publish in the future. She has just finished composing music for a Hopi poem, Weep Not at My Grave, and is currently at work on songs composed by Laura Caviani, having just finished Scottish Spirit.

Her enjoyment of language has led her to translate many of the Brazilian songs she loves, including Estrada do Sol by A.C. Jobim and Delores Duran. After being introduced to the songs of Sue Terry, Lucia translated the lyrics of Luiz Simas on Sue’s tune, Mais do Que a Vida (More Than Life.)

Lucia’s love of languages also brought her into contact with Teach Me Tapes, with whom she recorded, singing on several light-hearted, musical, language instruction tapes in French, Spanish and English.

Lucia has years of extensive experience in the recording studio performing backgrounds for many internationally renowned artists and producers like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Monte Moire, Ben Sidran, St. Paul Peterson, Paula Abdul and many others (see Lucia’s Discography). She enjoys performing all kinds of music in the studio, such as the sacred music of David Haas, Marty Haugen and Donna Pena, and secular, pop, R&B, jazz, jingles, and has even been asked to sing like various characters and animals on different projects. "Can you sing like an elephant??" Sure, why not!

Of course, Lucia can be found singing around town at the finest jazz clubs, weddings, private parties, corporate conventions and festivals like the Utah Jazz Festival, headlining for Those Fabulous Women of Jazz, and at the Hot Summer Jazz Festival in Minneapolis. You can hear her regularly at The Artists’ Quarter and the Dakota Bar & Grill in St. Paul, and at other clubs around the Twin Cities. (Check out the Gigs page.) She can also be heard throughout the U.S. and in Europe with Michael Gold of Jazz Impact, performing and writing songs for corporations such as Johnson and Johnson, Cargill, IBM and Fairview Health Partners. If you would like to book Lucia to perform at your club or event, in any format from duo to quartet to big band, contact her directly.

In addition to performing Lucia has always derived great pleasure from teaching and coaching other singers and performers. She specializes in working with the jazz repertoire, tone, improvisation and scatting, and overall healthy maintenance and strengthening of the voice. If you are interested, feel free to contact her...everyone can sing, according to Lucia, some just need more encouragement than others.

"Singing is a kind of soul massage...The more you do, the better you feel, the stronger your voice will become. Sing everyday in the shower, the car, around the kitchen while cooking...Like any muscle, using it will make it stronger. Pay attention to how great it makes you feel when you sing freely, joyfully and with abandon."