Vox Lux

You know that Lucia Newell is a fine jazz singer and recording artist who performs internationally. But Lucia's talents aren't limited to her savory singing.

VOX LUX presents Lucia's multi-lingual skills as a voice talent. With over thirty years experience in commercials, narrations, voice messaging and creative characterizations, Lucia's unique, deep-toned, flexible and musical voice is ready to work for you.

Theatre bit Lucia when she was ten and she has seldom left the stage since. She performed in musicals like "Sound of Music" and "My Fair Lady" and acted in "The Crucible" and "Under Milk Wood," receiving the Binger/McKnight Award for Excellence in the Dramatic Arts.

In the 70's, she joined a political theatre commune called Earth Family. The group toured its anti-war message nationally before settling first in Massachusetts and later, Minneapolis where they were known as the At the Foot of the Mountain Theatre Company.

Lucia's TV and radio voice-over career began then in ernest and quickly expanded into narrations for industrials, documentaries, voice messaging and creating characters for children's tapes, working in both English and Spanish. Her clients range from the Federal Trade Commission, U.S. West and The Pottery Barn to Rockwell Automation, the Wella Corp. and a giant International Mutual Fund Company which may not be named for reasons apparent only to them.

She has also done voice work for Visa, QwestDex, Adtel, Interalia, Health Partners, Consensus Health, NeoDyme Technologies, EnduraTec, Viscount Suites Hotel, DataCard, Ronco Communications, Neslab Instruments, J.D. Edwards, Siemens Rolm, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp., Taylor Oil Company, Industrial Wholesale Electric, Longwood Lincoln Mercury, STA Travel, Allegro Resorts, The Five Crowns Restaurant, and many others.

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Here’s what Robert McLeod at Adtel has to say about Lucia:

“I know you already know this, but I just wanted to comment on the good quality of the ‘Spanish Voice Talent.’ I've been to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Mexico (4 times) ... I would have to say Lucia has one of the best professional voices I've heard ... very smooth.”

And this from Melanie Cuellar at Interalia:

“My bi-lingual, native Spanish-speaking customer in Miami says, ‘Lucia is extremely clear in her accent.  It's like it's non-existent.  It's not South American, Mexican, or Puerto Rican.’  She went on to describe it as clear, proper Spanish. She's very impressed with you.  And that was only your demo!”