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Lucia Newell is an internationally acclaimed jazz singer whose "voice has a warm and pure jazz sound"..."who would shine in any international concert hall."

She is a seasoned recording artist, a diverse international voice-over talent, and a skilled voice teacher and coach.

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“Twenty-three year jazz veteran Lucia Newell is one of the most powerful vocalists on the Twin Cities scene.”
—Courtney Lewis, Minnesota Monthly, July 2004

"As reader or singer, Lucia Newell is a magnificent interpreter who communicates through intonation, phrasing, faultless diction (in two languages) and a husky contralto... Lucia turns her heart inside out, filling the air with the emptiness and despair the lyrics demand."
—Andrea Canter, JazzPolice.com, September 2006

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Steeped in Strayhorn

Lucia Newell & Departure Point

Steeped in Strayhorn

“Lucia Newell turns out to be one of those gifted vocalists whose conception and intelligence is transcendent. Add to that some well crafted and conceived arrangements played with snap, crackle, and the requisite pop, and you have over an hour of music that is alive with authentic Jazz affirmation. Strayhorn would be very happy and proud.”
—Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence Magazine

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